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Yoga and Pilates

Trying to compare Yoga and Pilates does not do either of them justice. Whilst they might seem similar to you on the mat, the ideas behind them are quite different. Although...what you wear is close to the same that's why we have curated a collection of yoga and pilates activewear to keep you moving freely during both practices. The Lorna Jane collection features yoga pants, leggings, yoga mats, sports bras and more styles to complete your outfit.

Our yoga mats are engineered with a unique texture and high-density construction. They are non-slip, have a reversible print with alignment markings to enhance positioning and equilibrium during the practice of yoga and pilates. Try a pair of our yoga pants, we dare you! Designed with zero transparency using the Nothing 2 See Here™ fabric, moisture wicking and breathable, these leggings will keep you cool, dry and comfortable all session long. Now for the difference between Yoga and Pilates...


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Traditional Yoga uses asanas (all those wonderful yoga postures) and movement as the physical part (or limb) of a greater self-regulating system that includes meditation, focused concentration and breathing techniques with an outlook on life to bring health and happiness. It is a practice to bring the mind, body and spirit into a sense of balance, working towards the same goal – YOUR wellbeing.


Pilates is the baby brother of yoga (just 100 years young), developed using the traditional yoga theory and mind body connections for our more modern approach to health. A more mainstream adaptation of yoga, Pilates is a series of exercises that focuses on your body’s core muscles. These include the abdomen, obliques, lower back, and glutes. The exercises are designed to improve your strength, flexibility and exercise your mind by pairing the movement with breath control.